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Japanese Woodblock Prints

Contributors: Rebecca Brown, Alyssa Costopoulos, Victoria Johnson, Brandon Wellman, Jacqueline Hendrickson

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Making a Musical Contribution

Contributors: Ren Kenning
Erin Gingrich
Georgia Cook

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Welcoming the Dear Neighbor

Contributors: Molly Bostrom, Yharnet Browne, Dan Sustacek, TJ Guiney

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Ruth Sawyer Collection

A collection of letters, photographs, and artifacts belonging to the late author Ruth Sawyer.

Contributors: Tiamat Gustafson
Olivia Verdick
Katie Savala

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CICTC Collection

Documents from the Catholic Interracial Council of the Twin Cities (CICTC) collection dated from 1958 to 1965.

Contributors: Ben Ahrendt
Julie Fedeler
Sophia Myers-Kelley

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3D Ceramics

A variety of 3D ceramics and stoneware from the St. Kate's Fine Art Collection.

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Student intaglio printing.

Contributors: Sarah Potvin, Charles Saeger

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Contributors: St. Catherine University

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