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Sculptures at St. Catherine University


Maps are included for sculptures located on campus grounds.


The goal of this project is to raise awareness while educating community membes about the many freestanding sculptures dispersed around St. Catherine University's campus located in St. Paul. By creating a digital version of these sculptures, users will gain broader access to images and metadata as well as a convenient and user-friendly space to learn about permanent displays on campus.

**We would like to thank Ann Arntson, Amy Mars and Kelsey Shulson for their assistance and skill in making this exhibit possible.**

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St. Kate's Gems: Women Artists Envisioning Katies' Qualities

At the heart of St. Kate's are active, creative, and socially engaged women. Eight strong, local artists have captured these values in their work, communicating what it means to be a Katie. This exhibit proudly offers these underrepresented artists a chance to continue shaping the campus and community of St. Kate's.

This exhibit showcases the gems of St. Kate's: influential local women artists and their work. Clara Mairs, Cecilia Lieder, Nancy Randall, Gemma Rossini Cullen, Sr. Mary Anne Catherine, Sr. Joanne Emmer CSJ, Corita Kent, and Jo Summonick are presented. The "gems" of St. Kate's are works that represent the values of faith, leadership, social teaching and inspiration, characteristic of the institution and its academic mission. Featured pieces are by artists working along these themes within specific subject matter: circus performance, flora, flight, and faith.

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