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Civilian Conservation Corps crew fought the forest fires of 1936, shown is a birch tree on fire in area near the Gunflint Trail, north of Grand Marais, Minnesota.jpg

Civilian Conservation Corps in Cook County, Minnesota

This collection gathers photographs depicting activities of the Civilian Conservation Corps in Cook County, Minnesota from archives of the Cook County…

Contributors: Adam Lewis, Kate Niemisto, Bella Ross

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Lake Superior Shipwrecks

Contributors: Samantha, Emilia, Dominic, Tiffany

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Fight apartheid.jpg

ESFL Button Collection

This project is a snapshot of the broader social justice and union button collection at St. Paul’s East Side Freedom Library (ESFL).

Contributors: Tiffany Ly, Xerxes Lucius, Sophia Wood

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Ariston Covers

This collection focuses on journal covers from the Ariston student arts and literary publication at St. Catherine University.

Contributors: Marisa Gonzalez Morseth, Maya Powell, Joe Ptacek

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Indigenous Roots Gallery

This collection highlights BIPOC artists who previously had physical exhibits in Indigenous Roots’ art gallery.

Contributors: Melody Arteaga, Lauren Boyer, Isabella Miles

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Anne Feeney (1951-2021)

The collection includes pinback buttons that were part of Anne Feeney’s personal collection and were donated to the East Side Freedom Library in St.…

Contributors: Morgan Muldoon
Katrina Namad

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