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James and Nan McKinnell Pottery 1946-1990s

James and Nan McKinnell, husband and wife team gifted in the art of ceramics, teaching, and innovation in the pottery world, spent their adult lives exploring the world and the act of creating art. The work and experiences of these highly prolific and nomadic artists offers us a snapshot into the post World War II arts movement in America. 

      • "The kind of clay, the degree of heat at which it is baked, the decoration or glaze, the shape of the vessel, the thickness of its wall, are all elements the potter's style and all contribute to the expressive form.” Barnet, S. (2008)

Enjoy exploring the McKinnells' life, art, and passion for pottery.

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Southwest Native American Pottery

Explore the pottery of Southwest Native American tribes in the St. Catherine Fine Art collection. Every piece tells a story, from finding the clay to its retrieval from the kiln.

The menu items (accessible on the right hand side of the site) are described below:

The Storytellers of the Southwest: discover information about the legends, artists, techniques, and characteristics of the pottery, and key examples from each tribe (Hopi, Navajo, and Pueblos).

Locations: view an interactive map to discover the geographic locations of each pot in the collection.

Pottery Collection: view all of the pieces together in a gallery view.

Exhibit Team:

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Credits: St. Catherine University Catherine G. Murphy Fine Art Collection

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