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Been There, Dehn That

Though not necessarily a household name, Minnesota-born artist Adolf Dehn helped to catalyze some of the most important movements in American art, from Regionalism and Social Realism, to caricature. Most known for his work in lithography and printmaking, he traveled throughout the world, spending time in places like New York City, Paris, and Vienna, places that would shape the way he viewed the people and locations he would capture in his prints and drawings. Over the span of his life, from his birth in Waterville, Minnesota, in 1895, to his death in New York City in 1961, he created nearly 650 images, some of which are exhibited here.

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Minnesota Artists at St. Kate's

There are many great artists from the United States and abroad within the St. Catherine Fine Arts Collection; however it can be a great source of inspiration to see the work of local artists and the success that they've achieved. Thus, here we've collected the works of four Minnesota artists from within the collection: Gemma Rossini Cullen, Sister Joanne Emmer, Peter Lupori, and Sister Philomene McAuley. On each page you'll find greater discussion of their life and works, as well as the works themselves.

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Civilian Conservation Corps crew including Seely, Fitzgerald, and Skoog hauling logs with horse, Lutsen, Minnesota.jpg

Civilian Conservation Corps in Cook County, Minnesota

This exhibit highlights the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in Cook County, Minnesota. The CCC was a work-relief program for young, unmarried men that ran from 1933-1942. CCC workers lived in camps and worked on forest restoration and management, water conservation and flood control, and outdoor recreation infrastructure. The CCC built many of the buildings and trails in Minnesota State Parks along the North Shore.

We would like to thank the Cook County Historical Society for allowing us to use digitized photographs from their collection. Over 200 photographs of the CCC have been digitized by the Cook County Historical Society and are available to view in the Minnesota Digital Library. Additional Information gathered from Hard Work and a Good Deal: The Civilian Conservation Corps in Minnesota by Barbara W. Sommer, published 2008.

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