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City, Nature, and Spirit

This exhibit features 30 items from the St. Catherine University Fine Art Collection by artists such as Clara Gardner Mairs, Corita Kent, Ito Sozan, and many more. The items in our exhibit reflect a wide range of time periods, formats, subjects and art styles but all call to mind a consideration of how we exist, whether in nature or in a city landscape, or within society or self. 

Categorized into the sections City, Nature, and Spirit; each of these works tells a story of the human experience relating to the way that we interact with the world. From abstracts of city blocks to the bounty of nature's beauty, to our relationship with God and the spirituality of humankind.

Exhibit Developed by:
Christianna Fritz and Emma Peterson

Created for:
St. Catherine University - LIS 7590 - Spring 2024

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