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Sculptures at St. Catherine University


Maps are included for sculptures located on campus grounds.


The goal of this project is to raise awareness while educating community membes about the many freestanding sculptures dispersed around St. Catherine University's campus located in St. Paul. By creating a digital version of these sculptures, users will gain broader access to images and metadata as well as a convenient and user-friendly space to learn about permanent displays on campus.

**We would like to thank Ann Arntson, Amy Mars and Kelsey Shulson for their assistance and skill in making this exhibit possible.**

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Welcoming the Dear Neighbor?

Welcoming the Dear Neighbor? is a project running in parallel with the larger Mapping Prejudice project out of the University of Minnesota. Mapping Prejudice created an interactive map of racial covenants in Hennepin County, and the project is currently in the process of expanding this map into Ramsey County.

The goal of Welcoming the Dear Neighbor? is to provide additional context to these covenants by highlighting the stories of affected individuals and families within Ramsey County, painting a collective picture of how the use of these covenants shaped the race and ethnicity of Ramsey County neighborhoods in ways that are still visible today. As part of this project, St. Kate’s hopes to acquire primary source materials that will help illustrate the issues surrounding housing discrimination, steering, and redlining.

Race and Housing

Explore the 1960's using an interactive timeline of national events related to race and housing to put the exhibit materials into a broader context.

Race and Housing in MN

Examine the history notable events impacting state and local housing with an interactive timeline.

Home Owners' Loan Corporation (HOLC) Map

This series of maps shows how the racial patterns of the Twin Cities from the early 1900's onward persist through to the present, and how the redlining of the 1930s reflects current inequalities.

A.P. Weigel

Documents and writings from the family of a local realtor whose career suddenly went into decline after publicly advocating for open occupancy.

The Open Door

A collection of A.P. Weigel's newspaper column about local real estate issues, a few of which address race.

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Bettye Olson: A Retrospective

Bettye Olson is an expressionist painter and teacher born and based in Minnesota. Born in 1923, she earned both a BA and MA in art education from the University of Minnesota before accepting a faculty position there. Taking her inspiration from the natural world around her she paints with bold brush strokes and dazzling colors.

In 2006 a retrospective exhibit of her work was held at St. Catherine University. This online exhibit has been created as a digital reproduction of that original retrospective as a method of sharing Olson's work and life with a wider audience. Included in the exhibit are images of a selection of Olson's paintings, sketchbooks, and text-based information on her life and career.

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