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Architecture in Art

According to Roman architect Vitruvius a good building should satisfy the three principles of firmaitas, utilitas, and venustas. An architect should try to fulfill these principles to the best of his or her ability.  Originally translated as firmness, quality, and delight, in a more modern equivalent the three principles might be defined in a different way.

Durability: a structure is robust and in good condition.

Utility:  it is suitable for the circumstances that it will be used.

Beauty:  visually and aesthetically pleasing.

Architecture often is the backdrop within an artwork.  This exhibit focuses on bringing the architecture of artwork to the foreground and describing the styles.  

This exhibit takes a closer look at the architecture within the St. Catherine University's Fine Art Collection.  This exhibit includes images of buildings and architectural structures such as bridges from around the world.  Paintings, sketches, and sculptures all depict various architectural features.

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