Animals and Nature in Art

Experience and explore the beauty of nature through the art collection from the St. Catherine Fine Arts Gallery. The exhibit features breathtaking art pieces in ceramics, paintings, and drawings, all of which celebrate the splendor of nature. We will explore this theme in different collections in three color schemes including: Color, Muted Tones, Colorless. Each art piece in this exhibit tells a unique story.

Discover the unique beauty of the collection through the following menu options, located on the right-hand side of the exhibit.

The Art of Animals and Nature:

Delve into the examples of art work from our three different color schemes that include: Color, Muted Tones, and Colorless.

Exhibit Artists:

An alphabetical listing of the artists featured in each of the three sections.


Learn about the artists featured in the exhibit through some informative videos about them and their artwork.


Gain knowldege in who developed the exhibit, credits and copyright for the art pieces.