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1959 A Running Start

The initial year of the Catholic Interracial Council of the Twin Cities (CICTC), founded in 1958, was productive. Early in the year the organization presented a statement before the Minnesota judiciary committee related to open housing. During the year the first issues of their newsletter, Branches, were published and federation with the National Catholic Conference for Interracial Justice was ratified. The concluding event of 1959 was the first annual Human Rights Workshop, which included panel discussions related to prejudices against Black, Native American and Jewish communities.

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Think about . . .

A name can convey a lot of meaning.

  • In what organization are you a member?
  • If applicable, what is the name of the organization’s newsletter and how does it reflect the organization’s purpose?
  • If the organization does not have a newsletter, what would you suggest for a newsletter name? What message would you try to convey with the name?