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1960 Educating Others

Following the first, and successful, Human Rights Workshop in November, 1959, the Catholic Interracial Council of the Twin Cities (CICTC) continued to focus on educating others about racial discrimination in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area during 1960. As noted in a number of newsletters, a team of CICTC members made presentations on interracial issues from a Catholic perspective to a wide variety of audiences at schools, churches, and on local TV and radio programs. In the fall, educational opportunities included the first Catholic Interracial Week, a High School Interracial Study Day, and the second annual Human Rights Workshop.

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Think about . . .

The CICTC used newsletters, speakers, workshops, and personal contacts to educate others about Catholic teachings on interracial justice.

  • What additional methods can an organization use to educate the community about their cause?
  • There are many outlets and sources of information in today’s society. What, do you think, is the most effective method to educate the community about an organization’s cause or a current social issue?