Autumn in Minnesota lithograph

Autumn in Minnesota (full screen view)

Title  Autumn in Minnesota
Date 1931
Type Print
At the right edge of the work, on the hill in the foreground, stands a tall tree, partially obscured. A branch protruding from the side of the tree is moderately dense with foliage. The top of the tree is also moderately dense. Further back in the composition, past the body of water, are a series of low-slung, darker hills. These are defined by dark lines against a lighter sky. The hills, dark and roughly depicted, have some suggested areas of foliage, in the form of brush or trees. They hills are concentrated in the left of the composition, and winnow out as they move right. The sky dominates the space of the composition, using two thirds of the page. It is mottled with soft medium tones, contrasting with light areas suggesting an abundance of sweeping clouds.
Coverage Minnesota
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Autumn in Minnesota lithograph