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Love Songs for Sabbath

In 1967, the College of Saint Catherine decided to embark on a planned set of performances to increase understanding of other liturgies and other faiths through the performance of music. Love Songs for Sabbath was perhaps the first time a Jewish service had been performed under Catholic patronage.

College of St. Catherine and St. Thomas University Mixed Chorus at a Love Songs for Sabbath Rehearsal

The mixed chorus of St. Thomas and St. Catherine performed the music under the direction of Sister Lucina.

Members of the St. Catherine speech department, George Poletes (Episcopalian) and Marjorie Kowalsky (Lutheran), were readers. The featured dancers for the performance were from Loyce Houlton's Contemporary Dance Playhouse, now the Minnesota Dance Theatre.

Sister Photina, art instructor at St. Catherine's, designed the art work for the performances. This includes designs for a large backdrop used in the sanctuary and a cover for the performance program.


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Love Songs for Sabbath