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Digital Collections From St Kate's


1967 - The Silent Stage

The St. Catherine Music Department hosted The Salomon Yakima Pantomime Theatre at the St. Paul Auditorium. The company performed a series of sketches depicting aspects of life through wordless short vignettes.

1967 - Love Songs for Sabbath

Love Songs for Sabbath was the first musical event in a planned program series by the College of St. Catherine to help students experience the liturgies of other faiths through music.

1972 - Cassettes 100

St. Catherine partnered with The University of the Philippines to present a musical "happening" by Filipino composer José Maceda, involving 100 performers with cassette tape recorders.

1971-1974 - Minnesota Chamber Soloists

The Minnesota Chamber Soloist, twelve string players from the Minnesota Orchestra, join St Kate's community to teach and perform. 

1985 / 1998 - A Young People's Magic Flute by Mozart

Faculty member Marguerite Hedges directs A Young People's Magic Flute as her final opera at St Kate's.

1987- CSC/CST Litergical Choir Meet Pope John Paul II

Students from the St Catherine and St Thomas Liturgical Choir meet Pope John Paul II during the Vatican's 1987 Christmas Eve mass. 

1996 - The Dragon

Professor Al Biales created an opera that was performed by the students of St Catherine University, St Thomas University and members of the North Star Opera to honor the 25th anniversary of the O'Shaughnessy auditorium.

1995-2000 - Javanese Gamelan

The St Catherine Music Department partnered with The Schubert Club to host a number of events and classes about a Javanese style of music known as Gamelan.

2010 - Saint Catherine String Chamber Orchestra

A faculty member from the String Chamber Orchestra reflects on St Kate's, music, and community.