Student Intaglios

This is a collection intaglios style prints made by the students of St. Catherine University that are housed in the Ann Jennings Student Art Archives that is part of the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery at St. Catherine University.

The intaglios are by various students and of various subject matter. The hope is to highlight some of the artistic abilities of St. Catherine University students over time. This collection has prints made from 1991-2005.

Intaglio prints are made by etching a print onto a piece of metal, like a stencile, either ething onto the metal or using acid to erod it. The print is made by inking the piece of metal and transfering it to paper. They are usually produced in black and white, although some are done in color. Evey print in this collection is black and white.

All copyrights lie with either St. Catherine University or with the individual artists.


This collection was compiled by Sarah Potvin and Charles Saeger.