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How Robert Clark Nelson Viewed His Art World

Robert Clark Nelson (1928-2007) was born in Fargo, North Dakota. He studied at Bethel College and the Minneapolis School of Art (now MCAD). Nelson taught at Bethel College before joining the faculty at the College of St. Catherine where he worked for 21 years. During his tenure at St. Kate's, he served as the head of the Art Department and director of the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery. Nelson was an accomplished painter, graphic designer, and book designer. His work was exhibited at the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s MAEP gallery and the Suzanne Kohn Gallery. He designed many posters for exhibitions in galleries around the Twin Cities including the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery, the Suzanne Kohn Gallery, and the University of Minnesota Gallery.

This exhibit shows Robert Clark Nelson's role at St. Catherine Univeristy through three distinct roles: as an artist, as a viewer of art, and as a promoter. 

The Artist page shows the photographs Robert Clark Nelson took of his own original work called "The Ark".

The Viewer of Art page shows images from the exhibition entitled "Six Realist Painters". The works are by other artists from St. Catherine University, photographed by Robert Clark Nelson.

The Thrill of the Exhibition page shows Robert Clark Nelson's as promoter, collecting photographs of an exibition opening that Robert Clark Nelson used to promote exhibits at St. Catherine's University.

The intent of this exhibit is to show how Robert Clark Nelson viewed his own work, how he viewed the work of others, and how he viewed others interacting with St. Kate’s exhibitions. Showing these angles allows for the viewers to foster a greater understanding about who Robert Clark Nelson was and why he was important to the culture of St. Kate’s as a whole. 


Exhibit created by Matt Engelson, Leah Fischer, and Katy Grogan. Images provided by St. Catherine University. Images may not be reproduced for any reason without the express written consent of St. Catherine University.

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Animals and Nature in Art

Experience and explore the beauty of nature through the art collection from the St. Catherine Fine Arts Gallery. The exhibit features breathtaking art pieces in ceramics, paintings, and drawings, all of which celebrate the splendor of nature. We will explore this theme in different collections in three color schemes including: Color, Muted Tones, Colorless. Each art piece in this exhibit tells a unique story.

Discover the unique beauty of the collection through the following menu options, located on the right-hand side of the exhibit.

The Art of Animals and Nature:

Delve into the examples of art work from our three different color schemes that include: Color, Muted Tones, and Colorless.

Exhibit Artists:

An alphabetical listing of the artists featured in each of the three sections.


Learn about the artists featured in the exhibit through some informative videos about them and their artwork.


Gain knowldege in who developed the exhibit, credits and copyright for the art pieces.

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Art from Indigenous Roots

Indigenous Roots, is a Minnesota-based organization whose mission is “dedicated to building, supporting and cultivating opportunities for Native, Black, Brown and Indigenous peoples through cultural arts and activism.”

This exhibit seeks to highlight BIPOC artists who previously had physical exhibits in Indigenous Roots’ art gallery. By digitizing and highlighting the work of these artists, the exhibit aims to uplift the voices and experiences of these artists through their artwork.

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