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Corita Kent and Her Students

This exhibit features digitized serigraphs created by Corita and her students. Most of the prints fall within two artistic movements of the twentieth century: abstract expressionism and pop art. The abstract expressionist prints are religious in theme, with a particular focus on images of Jesus and the Christ figure. The pop art prints focus on text-based images, with a focus on social justice themes. The student work included in the collection is comprised of serigraphs by students of Corita Kent. Most of these items are of unknown date and creator, but many are religious in theme, similar in structure and tone to Corita’s abstract expressionist prints. Corita’s works are dated circa 1952 to 1966.

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On View at the St. Catherine Gallery

The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery in the Visual Arts Building at St. Catherine University has been a sought-after exhibition space in the Twin Cities arts community for decades. Originally simply called the St. Catherine Gallery, it was renamed in 1979 in honor of Catherine G. Murphy, the alumna and benefactor of St. Catherine University whose endowment provides ongoing support for the gallery.  The gallery’s current mission is to integrate the liberal arts and education by underscoring women’s contributions to art and exploring themes of social justice, activism, and aesthetics. Through its exhibitions, it maintains a women-centered presence in the local and regional arts communities, and provides a point of access where the campus community, the public, and local and regional artists can engage with these themes and with one another.

The promotional materials for the exhibitions and events at the gallery have often themselves been artistic works of graphic design, promoting the works on view while entering into dialogue with them, reproducing and repurposing their elements for informational and promotional functions.  This exhibit features some of the most notable catalogs, brochures, postcards, fliers, invitations, and posters designed to promote exhibitions and events at the gallery between the years 1968 and 1989. 

The items in this exhibit have been arranged into categories that underscore how past exhibitions have supported the gallery’s mission, and how the gallery has highlighted and centered the work of women artists, promoted local artists, and provided access for the campus and Twin Cities community to view the work of prominent artists working outside of the local region. Each page includes an exhibit representing one of these categories and includes information on the artists and their work.

Alternatively, use the Timeline page to easily browse through all the items in the exhibit to get a sense of the variety of the exhibitions.

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