Girl on a Dream Horse

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Girl on a Dream Horse


This work depicts a young girl riding a horse shown in profile. The pair of them fill the composition and are set against a slightly modulated gray background. The girl and horse are in white; black lines define the girls dress, limbs, face and hair. Her hair, skin, and dress are white. Her dress is short enough to show her bare leg, bent at the knee, and foot. Her arm is bent at the elbow with her hand holding a bridle, which is attached to the horse’s mouth. The bridle is depicted as two thick vertical lines behind the horse’s ear and mouth, respectively, with a horizontal line connecting the two. The horse’s mouth is slightly open, revealing some of its teeth. The horse is also depicted with all four of its black hooves off the ground. Its front legs are bent at the knee and its back legs are straight, pointing back. The mane and tail are defined with gray lines. The horse has pieces of scalloped fabric on its front and hindquarters. To the left of the girl and the horse, are four butterfly-like objects rising above the horse’s tail and off towards the left of the composition. Below the girl and the horse, in the foreground, are depictions of small tufts of grass. Within the grass, closer to the left corner is the word MAIRS printed in black.
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This digital image may not be reproduced for any reason without the express written consent of St. Catherine University. Artwork available for faculty/staff use. Please contact the Catherine G. Murphy Art Gallery Director, Kathy Daniels, at (651) 690-6637.


8 1/2 x 9 7/8 inches





Mairs, Clara Gardner (1878-1963), “Girl on a Dream Horse,” Digital Collections From St Kate's, accessed June 15, 2024,

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