Window Watchers

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Window Watchers



Four or possibly five figures, only partially visible to the viewer, are framed by a window. The window is located within a brick wall which expands off the edges of the composition. Lace curtains create a vertical frame on either side of the figures while a horizontal dark window, shade hangs over the heads of the four figures. The leftmost figure peeking out from the left curtain has hair that sticks out in small sections along the top of the head, and eyes that look out the window off to the upper left. A small hand, presumably belonging to that of the figure on the far left, appears in front of the lace curtain. The figure second from the left stands tall above the others; she wears a double-breasted four-button top with a ruffled collar. Her dark hair falls along her neck and onto her shoulders. Her lips are pursed slightly, her brows are furrowed, and her eyes convey concern. The two figures on the right appear to be leaning against the window sill and looking out the window. The figure in the center is wearing a short-sleeved top with an upright lace collar. Her short hair waves above her shoulders. She clutches a figure to her chest that could by a baby or a doll. Her wide eyes are exaggerated in size almost extending beyond her face; her gaze is intense. The figure on the far right wears a long-sleeve shirt with a detailed, patterned yoke. The figure wears a conical shaped hat; short tufts of hair can be seen poking out over the figure's ears. The figure holds her hand over her mouth and her eyes look intently out the window.
4/15; Window Watchers; Clara Mairs


This digital image may not be reproduced for any reason without the express written consent of St. Catherine University. Artwork available for faculty/staff use. Please contact the Catherine G. Murphy Art Gallery Director, Kathy Daniels, at (651) 690-6637.


10 x 8 1/2 inches







Mairs, Clara Gardner (1878-1963), “Window Watchers,” Digital Collections From St Kate's, accessed April 23, 2024,

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