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Three figures stand prominently on a yellow rectangular stage in the center of the composition. The largest figure stands in the center of the space balancing the other two figures on his shoulders and his right thigh. The figure is extremely muscular and somewhat androgynous. A skin-tight top reveals the hint of breasts, and the facial features are delicate. Two of the figures wear a leotard with a pink top and black bottom. The third figure is wearing a pair of white shorts. All three figures seem to be wearing a skull cap of some sort. The central figure's stance is strong, with the right leg bent and the left leg extended in such a way as to show off the figure's defined leg muscles. The figure balances a massive dark blue ball-like orb in the large palm of his left hand. Balancing on the central figure's right leg, held by the figure's right hand, is a second figure. This lean figure balances on the central figure with its left leg while its right leg extends back. Its right arm is akimbo with the right hand resting high on the thigh. The third figure of the trio stands tall on the shoulders of the central figure holding the orb. He wears only a pair of white shorts and stands with arms folded over his chest while looking to the right with blurred facial features. The space behind the stage that these figures occupy is unclear. A pair of white horses run back and forth through the middle ground of the right side of the space; one horse has a rider standing on the back of the horse. Two clown figures appear on the left, one even standing on its head. Reddish and white colored bleachers can be seen in the background on the left, while a red and blue banner on a yellow pole in the right background waves in the direction of the main figures. At the bottom left corner the words "C. G. MAIRS" are printed in black.
C.G. Mairs


23.75 x 18.75 inches







Mairs, Clara Gardner (1878-1963), “Acrobats,” Digital Collections From St Kate's, accessed June 20, 2024,

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