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Two women extend their arms toward each other in an embrace. Their heads lean in to each other with cheeks about to touch. The woman on the right bends over from her waist, placing her hands at the other woman's hips. The woman on the left bends slightly at the knees, with her hands on the other woman's shoulders. Their faces and hands are bare, covered in a glaze that reflects light. They wear full length robes with long sleeves that cover them from head to toe. The robes are a matte speckled white glaze, while the faces and hands as well as thin circular lines that follow the contours of their bodies at their neck, forearms and legs are finished in a polished terracotta. Their robes join the two figures together at the bottom.
Peter Lupori ( 1918- ), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, began his teaching career at the College of St. Catherine (now St. Catherine University) in 1950-51 as assistant professor of art. He soon became associate professor and finally professor and artist-in-residence, a position he held until his retirement in 1992. He not only taught at St. Kate’s but also, the University of Minnesota, University of St. Thomas, and even Schumann Elementary School in Long Lake Minnesota. All throughout his professional career as an educator, Lupori participated in annual exhibitions while receiving endless commissions. In April 1993 St. Catherine University hosted a retrospective exhibition of Lupori’s work at the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery. A catalogue, Peter Lupori Retrospective, accompanied the exhibition. Soon after a Peter Lupori scholarship was established in his name to help support outstanding Studio Art majors at St. Catherine University. Since the mid-1950’s, graduating students from St. Catherine University have received a contemporary medal of St. Catherine of Alexandria, designed by Lupori. In 1995 Lupori began designing brass ornaments as well as charms and pins for the St. Kate’s alumnae association. Also, since his retirement, he has completed a few large commissions, including a seven-foot bronze sculpture, Our Lady, installed in front of Our Lady of Victory Chapel on St. Catherine University campus. He is married to Catherine Pribyl Lupori; they have, two children, John & Maria.





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