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This portrait-oriented print features a pale green, horizontally-oriented plane with slightly undulating edges in the lower third of the composition, topped by a grayish-white, almost square plane in the upper two-thirds. Set against these two forms are a multitude of overlapping, bare-branched trees. The three foremost trees are darker in tone than the rest, especially the two in the right half of the composition, as they are dark brown almost black, while the left tree in the trio is of a paler black-brown. The forms of these three trees stretch almost the entire height of the composition, and the entire width. Indeed, some of their branches are cut off from view by the edges of the composition. The middle tree has branches which start lower on its trunk, and the overall silhouette of the tree is slightly rounded on the lower sides and top. The trees on the left and right of the foreground have branches which start further up on their trunks, and silhouettes created by their branches that are slightly rounded at the top. The seven trees in the middle ground are similar in form to those in the foreground but are smaller in scale, paler, and placed higher in the composition, communicating that they are further away from the viewer. In the far background of the composition and at just below center, we see a massing of many more trees, much smaller in scale and done in a light brown with areas of pale yellow, giving the viewer a sense of real depth and subtle coloration in the image.
Spring 163/210 Eugene Larkin









Larkin, Eugene, “Spring,” Digital Collections From St Kate's, accessed April 13, 2024, https://omeka.reclaim.stkate.edu/items/show/3631.

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