I Have Loved You

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I Have Loved You


This vertical image features three large stripes of color in the following order (from top to bottom): Cyan, navy blue, purple. In orange text at the top, the inscription reads: "I HAVE LOVED YOU." There is orange text in cursive in the cyan section, following by red text in the navy blue section and orange, red gradually turning to light blue.
inscribed: O! Gideon, would you have / your God a wandering magician / slapping a timbrel and clicking his heels? / Gideon: Do not rise in wrath against me, sir. / The Angel: I am / not in wrath. / I am plainly / confused. / And sore / at / heart / I HAVE / LOVED / YOU and you have turned / your back. / Gideon: I do find you personable, sir. / The Angel: Personable! Gideon, one does / not merely fancy God. I demand / a splendid love from you, abandoned / adoration, / a torrent, a storm / of love. / Gideon (with almost unbearable kindness): / I'm afraid I'm not the splendid sort, my Lord. / You want a less moderate man than I, I'm sure you shall find / one soon enough, / for you are an attractive God, and there are many men / who will love you vigorously, I'm sure of that. (He offers his hand / and smiles disarmingly.) Come. If I have given you some / heart, then clasp my hand and say it is over with. / The angel cannot help but be amused by this ingenious / fellow. / He clasps Gideon's arm. / The Angel: / I SHALL MAKE YOU LOVE ME / Paddy Chayefsky in Gideon
titled, lower left: I have loved you


circa 1968


This digital image may not be reproduced for any reason without the express written consent of St. Catherine University. Artwork available for faculty/staff use. Please contact the Catherine G. Murphy Art Gallery Director, Nicole Watson, at (651) 690-6637.


14 x 10 inches




still image




Corita (American designer, printmaker, and educator, 1918-1986), “I Have Loved You,” Digital Collections From St Kate's, accessed May 27, 2024, https://omeka.reclaim.stkate.edu/items/show/4159.

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