The Lord is With Thee

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The Lord is With Thee


This silkscreen print has a portrait-oriented composition created with vibrant array of blue, yellow, white, green, and brown. The composition is made up of a multitude of figures which fill up the composition almost entirely, and is set against a teal blue background. The center figure in the composition that of a seated woman in robe and wearing a crown is much larger in scale compared to the rest of the figures. On her lap sits a smaller, also robed and crowned figure, seemingly a child based on its size. Its arms raised in front of it as if in benediction. Both of these figures direct their gaze at the viewer. The rest of the figures in the composition are arrayed in three compact bands, stacked vertically, and which serve as a backdrop to the main figures of the woman and child. The top band features, from left to right, a human figure wearing large wings and some sort of tunic, at center, a yellow and white form which could be said to approximate the shape of a bird with spread wings, aimed towards the center of the composition, and what appears to be a white star above it, and at right, a man who appears to be seated, wearing a beard, crown and reddish robe. His arms are extended upward in front of him. To his left are two standing figures who are embracing one another, though very little other detail is apparent. The second row in the composition features, from left to right, two groups of figures. At left we see five standing, clothed, human figures, all facing to the right. Some of the figures have their hands on the shoulders of the figure in front of them. Their bodies are aligned very closely. The group on the right side of the row is made up of three crowned, bearded figures. They are all dressed in green robes and all face toward the center of the composition. A small white star is shown to the upper left of the leftmost figure. The bottom row of the composition features, from left to right, several groupings. The first, leftmost group contains four figures standing together, facing the viewer. They each have a halo around their head, and are robed. The rightmost figure has text arrayed in the halo around its head that reads "SANCTUS." Above this grouping we also see a row of three sheep, colored yellow. They face to the right and the furthest right sheep is larger than the other two. The middle grouping in the row features figures that are much smaller in height. There are three of them and they all face the viewer. Only the upper portions of the bodies of the two rightmost figures in this grouping are visible. The leftmost figure is also shortened but appears to have feet indicated at bottom. All three of these figures have words in their halos as well. The left figure’s halo reads "SANC," the middle "ANCTUS," and the right is illegible Finally, at right in the row, we see a grouping of three camels, placed so that they are overlapping one another vertically and almost seem stacked. At least two of them are adorned with decorative harness-like objects and the foremost one also wears a rug-like saddle.
inscribed: SANCTUS




This digital image may not be reproduced for any reason without the express written consent of St. Catherine University. Artwork available for faculty/staff use. Please contact the Catherine G. Murphy Art Gallery Director, Nicole Watson, at (651) 690-6637.


22 x 15 inches
silkscreen print




still image




Corita (American designer, printmaker, and educator, 1918-1986), “The Lord is With Thee,” Digital Collections From St Kate's, accessed April 13, 2024,

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