Loading the Craft

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Loading the Craft


Several figures can be seen lifting a large parcel in the foreground of this horizontal composition. The figures appear to be engaged in a task of lifting or moving some object. The figure dressed in white on the left appears to be standing on a ledge or platform of some kind while the figure dressed in black on the right bends over to give the object to him. There is little definition given to the space, rendered in beige, that surrounds the figures to indicate their whereabouts. Though most of the composition is rendered in neutral tones such as black, white, grey and beige, there are several areas of red and orange pigment, which might be the result of accidental transfer from other works. In the background on the left, the silhouette of a dark figure wearing a hat can be seen —half of his body is cut off by the left-hand margin of the composition. Similarly, the head of the figure in white is cut off by the top of the composition. Each of the figures is rendered with minimal detail. The faces of the figures are devoid of features such as eyes, noses and mouths.
This work was part of an exhibition, "Look at this, and look again, and see anew." — Corita at the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery at St. Kate's in 2016
titled, lower left: Loading the Craft
signed, lower right: Lucia Capacchione


circa 1956


This digital image may not be reproduced for any reason without the express written consent of St. Catherine University. Artwork available for faculty/staff use. Please contact the Catherine G. Murphy Art Gallery Director, Nicole Watson, at (651) 690-6637.


18 x 13 inches




still image




Capacchione, Lucia, “Loading the Craft,” Digital Collections From St Kate's, accessed May 29, 2024, https://omeka.reclaim.stkate.edu/items/show/4175.

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