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The work is a screenprint oriented in the portrait view. Its pfuschiaominantly warm color scheme features an abstracted figure. The figure is suggested through an amalgamation of fuschia, peach, brown, and black shapes, as well as by negative space created by their intersections and overlaps. A black, somewhat triangular shape frames the top of the figure and extends the width of the composition. The bulk of it completely fills the upper right corner of the composition and the rest travels diagonally down and to the left, narrowing considerably by the time it reaches the left side of the composition. A minute yellow crescent is seen adjacent to the black form, situated at the upper, left side of the composition. Under the black shape, left of center in the composition, is a fuschia triangle. It is tilted somewhat to the left, and is taller than it is wider, its longest side running diagonally from lower left to upper right within the composition. A black shape half the height of the fuschia triangle, made up of four stacked, rounded projections facing to the left, abuts the fuschia triangle’s lower left side. Directly below the fuschia triangle, and bordering the lower third of its longest side, is a bright, peach, arrow-like shape, with the point of the arrow aiming upwards. Another, smaller, fuschia triangle abuts the peach shape’s lower left side, and a brown right triangle abuts its bottom. The long side of the brown triangle faces runs diagonally from upper left to lower right. A thin black line extends straight down from the brown triangle’s leftmost point. The line is the same height as the height of the triangle. The line terminates at the start of a thin black horizontal line that travels a short ways to the left. Another thin black line extends from the lowest point of the brown triangle, and also extends a short ways to the left. To the direct right of the bottom of the peach, arrow-like shape and the brown triangle is a black rhombus, its right side higher than its left. Above it, and paralleling it, is another rhombus. It is light brown and not as tall as the rhombus below it. Six black dots of varying size are aligned near the top edge of the light brown rhombus, alternating between a larger size and a smaller sized dot. Above the light brown rhombus is a large, fuschia, curvilinear shape. Its lower left side abuts a portion of the peach, arrow-like shape. The background of the composition is filled with a sepia colored large brown rectangle, bordered by a pinkish-white, thick line, and overlaid at its middle left and lower right with areas of darker brown. The top and bottoms edges of these areas of darker brown are rough in appearance. The face of the figure mentioned above is suggested through the negative space created by the intersection of the black shape, larger fuschia triangle, peach, arrow-like shape and the fuschia, rectilinear shape mentioned above, set against the siena background with areas of darker brown. The face is also suggested through the inclusion of two black circles with a cross like shape formed by thin black lines in between them, floating within the negative space, seemingly the figure’s eyes and nose, as well as an orange oblong circle to the right of the cross-like shape, which may indicate a cheek. A small, heart-shaped object is seen at the bottom of the cross-like shape, perhaps indicating the figure’s mouth. Another semicircle of thin black is seen at the left side of the negative space, and near the bottom of the negative space we see a thin black horizontal line above a thin black circle, perhaps indicating a necklace. A small yellow horizontally oriented rectangle is included in the composition at lower left. The work is signed at the bottom right.





St. Catherines University Library and Archives




St. Catherine University


This image may not be reproduced for any reason without the express written consent of the St. Catherine University. Contact the Visual Resources Library regarding rights to this collection. 651-690-6639


24 x 14 in




Silkscreen Print





Klee, Paul , “Untitled,” Digital Collections From St Kate's, accessed June 16, 2024, https://omeka.reclaim.stkate.edu/items/show/5041.

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