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Record Type Title
Item WIL6.2.pdf.pdf The Beginning of the End
Item Edmund Fitzgerald, Bow Section Separation.tif Bow Section Separation
Item WRe002_Last.pdf The Last Day Of The Western Reserve
Item Mirame_2.jpg Mírame Mask 2
Item 2020.2.23.jpg Repeating Peaks
Item 2020.2.22.jpg Center Red
Item Javanese Gamelan (Registration Form)
Item Mistic Place
Item The First Flowering of Gamelan in Minnesota (Program)
Item Edmund Fitzgerald Stern Damage.tif Edmund Fitzgerald Stern Damage
Item Edmund Fiztergald Bow Wreck.tif Edmund Fitzgerald Bow Wreck
Item Edmund Fitzgerald in Harbor.tif Edmund Fitzgerald in harbor
Item CrC004_data.pdf Crescent City Record
Item India
Item Minnesota Sunset
Item Javanese Gamelan Ensemble (Program)
Item Edmund Fitzgerald Upside-Down Bow.tif Edmund Fitzgerald Upside-Down Bow
Item fineart_394_large.jpg (Tired Shopper)
Item Record of Great Lakes S.S. Bannockburn.pdf Record of Great Lakes Ships: S.S. Bannockburn
Item ars-1971-05-66-0-001.jpg Cover for Ariston May 1971
Item Javanese Gamelan (Course Description)
Item WIL5.pdf Captain Cameron Interview
Item Edmund Fitzgerald on the St. Mary River 1975.tif Edmund Fitzgerald on the St. Mary River
Item Get into the Music
Item fineart_446_large.jpg (Woman in Tub)